Guest Blogger:  Marianne Pieterse

‘Facebook is proof that you’re never too old to have imaginary friends’ ~ Unknown

Social media addiction

We live in an era where no technology is unfathomable.  With the technology boom, we have become social media addicts, always connected to see what’s happening in someone else’s life.  There is a barrage of constant messages, emails and application notifications we feel compelled to attend to.  To ignore these is simply not an option.  We are less present and more distracted.

There are many platforms to choose from but the most popular ones seem to be:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp

When next you’re in a restaurant or coffee shop, observe how many of your fellow diners are occupied on a smart device.  The only time they are forced to talk to someone is when the waiter takes their order.

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Constantly checking your smart device/s
  • Struggle to have a face-to-face conversation
  • Not sleeping well
  • Eye discomfort
  • You’re inactive for long periods of time
  • Socially inactive
  • Not spending enough time outdoors or exercising

You could be suffering from SMA (“Social Media Addition”).  Wikipedia defines it as “Problematic social media use, also known as social media addiction or social media overuse, is a proposed form of psychological or behavioral dependence on social media platforms, similar to gaming disorder, Internet addiction disorder, and other forms of digital media overuse.

Ten signs that you are a social media addict:

  1. Social media is the first thing you do in the morning
  2. You waste your time looking at nonsense and procrastinate
  3. You check in everywhere you go
  4. You check notifications all the time
  5. You only want to contact and talk to your friends via social media
  6. You constantly monitor the “likes” and “shares” you receive
  7. Craving internet connection
  8. You take photos of almost everything
  9. Social media becomes part of your life
  10. Checking social media is the first thing you do whenever you are free

Did you know?

  • Using technology after dark keeps you awake.
  • Social media use is associated with toxic behaviours like anxiety, depression and narcissism especially amongst teenagers.
  • Overusing technology makes you less productive and causes distraction from your work

Have you given any thought to a Technology Detox?  You haven’t?  Challenge yourself – I dare you.