Guest Blogger – Marianne du Toit

‘A woman who knows what she brings to the table isn’t afraid to eat alone’  ~unknown

A lot has been said about doing things on your own.  Society prescribes that activities should be done in groups.  Have you ever witnessed (or perhaps been part of) a group who stares and whispers at a person having dinner on their own?   

The sad fact is that there are many single travellers that are all in the same boat – facing dinner on their own.  It is no longer frowned upon when you enter a restaurant or coffee shop and there is 1 or more persons sitting on their own, working on an electronic device.  It has become the norm.

When you are on a business trip and the thought of having dinner on your own is daunting, here are some suggestions on how to make it a bit easier:

  • Book a table at a nice restaurant in the area or in your hotel;
  • Pull out that little black dress, put on your killer heels; do your makeup and your hair;
  • Walk into the restaurant, head held high while oozing confidence;
  • Smile at everyone who catches your eye;
  • Order a good glass of wine and your favourite meal on the menu;
  • Enjoy your meal.

When leaving the restaurant:

  • Congratulate yourself on surviving dinner on your own;
  • Refocus your mind on those reports / presentations and preparations that needs to be done for the next day’s meetings

“One of the best reasons for eating alone is the assurance that you will enjoy the company” ~ Karen E Quinones Miller