Learning to celebrate success is the key component of learning how to win in the market ~ Douglas Conant

Boasting about success is something that does not come naturally to most of us. We are taught from young to be humble and to take success in our stride. While this may be sound advice on a personal level, you need to highlight your company’s success to build trust and repour with customers and clients.

A good place to start is a Brag Book in your reception for clients and customers to page through while they wait. A Brag Book can also be in a digital format, proudly displayed on a large monitor. Clients, customers, and visitor can have a 360-degree view of your company and its accomplishments. 

Here are twenty things to include in your Brag Book.

  1. Testimonials from clients or customers
  2. Photos of your offices
  3. Photos of your products
  4. Client or customer logos
  5. Certificates of Accomplishments
  6. Articles that feature you or your company
  7. Published articles in print or electronic media
  8. Links to audio and visuals relating to your company, service of products
  9. Press releases
  10. Advertisements or specials on your products or service offering
  11. Membership and affiliation certificates
  12. Frequently asked questions about your company, services, or products
  13. Annual report
  14. Mission Statement
  15. Vision and Values Statements
  16. Results on surveys you have done
  17. Articles that challenge your industry
  18. Links to your website and social media platforms
  19. Links to testimonial videos from your clients
  20. Pricelists

Where there are links to your website, social media and testimonial videos, a great idea is to a QR Code that visitors, clients or customers can scan and read up on later.

Be bold and blow your own horn! No one else is going to do it for you.

Ref: BNI Business Builder®