Blog Guest Contributor: Marianne (Author of Second Chances)



It is frightening how quickly you can fall into the pit of negativity. News media  are filled with doom and gloom (constantly reporting on numerous political issues that is a cause for concern, the rising costs of living, famine, crime, corruption – the list goes on). You are increasingly worried about your and your family’s safety and future. Listening to conversations around you, you will notice that it mostly consists of exactly this negativity. Instead of disagreeing in social company and running the risk of jeopardising a friendship, we have become accustomed to agreeing with the general sentiment and this further contributes to the dark cloud of negative energy hanging around us.

Have you ever stopped for a moment and listened to your inner chatter? Do you realise how fortunate and blessed you actually are? Why do we think a bigger house, a better job, a higher salary and more money in the bank will guarantee happiness and fulfilment? Do yourself (and your sanity) a favour and give gratitude a fair chance.


Tomorrow morning when you open your eyes take a moment to ponder on these things:

  • You are alive.
  • You are healthy.
  • You are of sound mind.
  • Your senses are alive, dancing as a new adventure waits to be explored.
  • You have a roof over your head.
  • You have a warm bed.
  • You have food in your cupboards.
  • Chances are you have some form of transport and a job, however mundane to go to.
  • You have much more than 80% of humanity who lives on less than $10 a day, calculated at today’s rate, it equates to R141.50!

These are all reasons to say; ‘Thank You.’ 


Take 10 minutes of quiet time a day.  Find a special place in the garden or your favourite chair in the house. Become aware of your surroundings. Listen to the sounds around you (birds chirping, a dog barking or even the traffic in the distance). Become aware of your breathing. Allow your mind to take flight and let your thoughts go where it wants to go. Meditate in silence. You will be amazed at the calmness and awareness it brings. You will start realising how much you already own. What you have cannot always be counted or measured in monetary value, a good  reason to silently say; ‘Thank You.’


You most likely have an amazing support system – family (even if they seem dysfunctional) and friends – old ones and new ones – who have been part of your life journey.  They have been your source of inspiration, your strength, your encouragement and your voice. You might not always agree on certain issues or be in regular contact but they love and accept you for who you are. This is yet another reason to say; ‘thank you.’


Keep a Gratitude Journal next to your bed. At night before you retire, list the things you are grateful for, for that day. Start small. List 1 thing. As you go along, you can increase this to 3 incidents of gratitude. Positivity breeds positivity. Gratitude attracts gratitude. Your state of mind changes. You notice the small, important things that have an impact on your day. You start looking at the world with new, fresh eyes and immediately notice the beauty in everything. You become happier; stress is eliminated. Gratitude boosts your self-esteem and performance. Your relationships undergo an improvement. Gratitude helps you see what is there instead of what isn’t.


Think about this: what if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?

Your first thought in the morning should be ‘thank you.’

To every person reading this blog post:  Thank you!