You walk into your favourite coffeeshop, a gripping novel under your arm, your cellphone on silent, with visions of escaping from day-to-day stress, sipping a cappuccino, getting lost in another world.  You stop in your tracks:  There he is again….. the simpleton sitting in your favourite spot, laptop open, papers spread over a table for six and having a Skype conversation loud enough for everyone to hear. 

You roll your eyes…… there seems to be a new “disease” lurking in coffeeshops.  The virtual workers, the entrepreneurs, the bosses trying to work without constant interruptions.

The amount of people working in coffee shops has increased over the years.  Working in remote spaces have a lot more benefits than drawbacks, but there is an unwritten ethic that I am not sure everyone adheres to.  Consider the following:

It’s confidential

Make sure that you have confidentiality protocols and cyber security in place to guard you against unauthorised access to proprietary information.  You may want to consider taking your own mobile Wi-Fi device with you if you are planning on accessing confidential information.

But the coffee is bottomless and the Wi-Fi is Free!

Don’t be THAT person who only orders a bottomless coffee, a single cappuccino – or worse – a glass of water and then end up staying for hours.  You are sitting in an airconditioned establishment, with free Wi-Fi, comfy chairs, waiters, clean restrooms and someone needs to pay for it!

Speaking of free Wi-Fi, don’t hog the bandwidth!  Don’t run all your updates, watch videos or download copious amounts of data.  Keep it to general browsing and checking emails.  Remember:  Free Wi-Fi is Free for everyone!

Don’t let your screen make patrons scream

It seems obvious but don’t have offensive material on your screen, it will displease fellow patrons and has the same effect as cursing loudly or screaming in public.  Not cool.

NOT A beautiful noise

Be aware of the noise that you generate; use your headphones while watching video.  Take your Skype or WhatsApp video calls outside but remember to stay in the Wi-Fi range.  If it is winter, remember to put on your jacket when stepping outside. 

When using the coffeeshop as a meeting room, keep your meetings to 4 attendees – it seems to be the magic number; the more attendees, the greater the noise.

Space…. The final frontier

Consider other patrons regarding the space you occupy.  If you have to, only occupy a table designed for 4.  If you need extra space for your stuff, put it on the floor.

But I like it here

Be mindful of rush hour when the coffee shop generates its most revenue. 

If you are camping out over lunch time – order lunch.  Don’t overstay your welcome:  If you have not ordered anything of significance in 2 hours, give up your seat for paying customers.

Last and most certainly not least…

Tip your waiter properly.  Most waiters only rely on the tips they make.  If you sip the same cup of something for 3 hours and tip poorly… then you are THAT guy and should be ashamed of yourself.