Blog Guest Contributor: Marianne du Toit Pieterse


Colour is everywhere! 

It is in songs –

And I Guess That’s What They Call It The Blues ~ Sir Elton John

Green, Green Grass of Home ~ Sir Tom Jones

Something Blue ~ Neil Diamond

It is in artists names –

Simply Red

Elvis Blue

Black Eyed Peas

It is the names of our favourite (or not so favourite) sports teams –

All Blacks (New Zealand National rugby team)

Boston Red Socks (American baseball team)

The Reds (nickname for Liverpool soccer team)

It is in the names of cities and towns –

Blue City, Jodhpur (India)

East Orange, New Jersey

It is in emotions –

I’m blue (sad)

I am green with envy

It is in entertainment –

Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (stage production).

Green Mile (movie)

Colour run (5km fun run)

Without being consciously aware of it, colours play an important role in our lives.

The colours you used to decorate your living space, the dominant colour of your clothing, the colours of branded goods – random … or not?  Experts call it Colour Psychology and have studied it extensively.

Colours evoke feelings, emotions, affects our mood and influences our lives.  We have at least one favourite colour and believe it or not, there is a reason why we are drawn to it.  

Red is vibrant, full of life and attracts the most attention. It means love, passion and even anger are associated with this fiery colour.  It excites, energises and is also the colour of fire and of power.  The symbolic meaning of red is intensity and passionate.

Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow.  It is warm, energetic and represents abundance and encouragement.  Affection, warmth and sensuality is also associated with it.  The symbolic meaning of orange is strength and endurance.

Yellow represents brightness, happiness and joyfulness.  It reminds us of a sunny, carefree summer day.  It also symbolises idealism, hope and optimism.  The symbolic meaning of yellow is courage and personal power.

Green is associated with meaning of growth, renewal, harmony, freshness and fertility.  It is also traditionally associated with money, finances, banking, ambition, greed and jealousy.  The symbolism of green is youth, fertility, health, new beginnings and good luck.  Did you know there are more than 50 shades of green counted in Ireland?

Blue is associated with peace, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, truth and tranquility. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect.  Symbolically, blue represents harmony, trust and of course, calmness.

Pink is usually associated with love and tenderness.  It symbolises softness and sensitivity, femininity and young girls.  Pink is also a symbol of spring.

Purple has been associated with royalty and signifying nobility for hundreds of years. It represents ceremony, spirituality and the realms of mystery. Purple holds ancient meaning of sacred wisdom and enlightenment.

Gold makes us think of wealth, magic, wisdom and endurance.  It is associated with grandeur, prosperity, as well as sparkle, glitz and glamour.  It is synonymous with empires and kingdoms and reign of power.  Gold symbolises the energy of the sun, the lion and is the colour of courage and confidence.

White is the most complete and pure colour; the colour of perfection.  It is associated with purity, peace, innocence, wholeness and completion.

Brown is the colour of the earth; it represents stability, a solid foundation and relates to things that are natural and simple.  Often seen as a dull colour, yet it is reliable and wholesome.  Brown symbolises safety and quiet confidence, warmth and reassuring.

Grey is associated with infinite interpretations.  It warns you of any possibility that lies between black and white.  Wearing grey colours represent good taste, a touch of formality and thus lending dignity and self-respect.

Black is the combination of all colours! It represents the unknown, yet it is the most popular formal colour.  Black stands for elegance, power, sexuality, mystery and allure. In the Western world black is usually the colour of mourning.P