Do These Magic Beings Really Exist?

Call them what you will:  Magician, Office Wife, Gatekeeper, the REAL Boss or Peacemaker.

Every office has one.  We see them sitting in front of the boss’s office, always busy doing something; most time rushed off their feet.  The magician who pulls the rabbit out of the hat; something they don’t have a rabbit, some times they don’t even have a hat!  Some actually call them the Real Boss of the establishment; if you want to know that is going on, ask her.  She knows many secrets but is sworn to secrecy.  She is very helpful most of the time; just don’t try and get past her to speak to the boss without an appointment, especially if he gave her the instruction that he is not to be disturbed.  She walks a tight rope between management and co-workers. 

Yes, I am talking about the Personal Assistant!

So my question is:  What makes a Good PA, a Remarkable PA?

Let’s look at 6 things that I would consider what a remarkable PA is when asked this question. 

Just for fun, let’s refer to them as Gracie Good and Remarkable Rosie.


Airline Bookings:

Gracie will create an online profile for your airline of choice, detailing seat preference, dietary requirements, etc.

She will keep track of your loyalty program and log any unclaimed miles.

She will diarise your flight with full details.

Rosie will do everything Gracie did PLUS she will consider other airlines, giving you a report on their costs, flight options, as well as layover details so you pick the best flight for your trip.

She will also reconfirm your dietary requirements during check-in.


Re-occurring in-office meetings:

Gracie will propose dates and diarise all in-office re-occurring meetings in your diary a year ahead of time and at the same time, invite all the relevant delegates.

Over and above this, Rosie will also book the appropriate meeting room, video conference (if needed) and alert the caterers of the meeting date.


Re-occurring out-of-office meetings:

Gracie will diarise all internal (out of office) re-occurring meetings in your diary a year in advance and at the same time, invite all the relevant delegates.

Rosie will also book your accommodation of choice as well as a rented car for the length of your trip.


Management and Exco Meetings:

Gracie will diarise all management and executive committee meetings a year in advance and invite the relevant delegates

Rosie will also diaries due dates for reports that need to be submitted for these meetings. This reminder will be sent out in the form of an appointment.  She will set a reminder in her own diary and send out an email reminder to all management / executive committee members.

For reports that her boss needs to submit, Rosie will obtain vital information, i.e sales figures, staff movement, etc. and submit a draft report for him to review.

She will also supply a draft Agenda for his review.


Meeting Document Packs:

Gracie will save the meeting document in pdf and password protect the file before sending out to meeting attendees.

Rosie will also add bookmarks to the pdf document, making it easier to navigate.


Birthday and Anniversaries:

Gracie will diarise all management staff and key contacts’ birthdays.

Rosie will also diarise all staff birthdays and the birthdays of management partners, as well as their wedding anniversaries.