A Virtual Assistant is an individual who works independently for various clients from a remote location, providing administrative/secretarial tasks virtually by utilising various forms of electronic communication.

I am based at my own fully-equipped offices in Gauteng (South Africa).  I can assist you even if you are based inside or outside the borders of South Africa.  Please note that your work will be completed during South African business hours (GMT+2).

I am based at my own fully-equipped offices in Gauteng (South Africa).  Unfortunately, due to the nature of my business and to be fair on my other clients, I am unable to conduct work at your premises.

My office hours are from Monday to Friday 09h00 – 17:30. Please feel free to submit your tasks during or after business hours and I will attend to it on the next business day.

Please note that all tasks received on a South African public holiday will be attended to on the next business day.  Should you need urgent work done on a public holiday, you need to give me ample warning and note that the hours spent will carry an extra charge.  IMPORTANT:  under no circumstances will work be done on a Christian holiday.

We will communicate via Skype, Telephone, SMS, Email, IM, WhatsApp.

A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor without the overhead (benefit) costs that companies incur on their employees (pension / provident fund, UIF, medical aid, bonuses, etc).  You as a client only pay for 100% productivity.

This can be done by using Google Calendar, all you are required to do is share and grant access.

Electronically via email, Skype, or Box.com.

We can contact restaurants, service providers, clients and much more on your behalf.  It is important to note that the time spent on telephone calls will form part of your hourly package.

Unfortunately, this service is currently not available.

This can be done, all you are required to do is share and grant access.

To protect the sensitivity and confidentiality of client information, it is standard practice to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you.

I assist all clients from small to medium companies, including entrepreneurs, start-ups and consultants.

I understand that each business has different needs and requirements, therefore I offer different packages to suit those needs.  Please refer to my pricing table for further information. Three-monthly packages are also available at a reduced rate.

All payments are done electronically via electronic funds transfer (EFT).

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