I’ve quickly learned that being an entrepreneur has its challenges.  I share with you my 3 lessons learned in 3 months


1. Patience is a virtue

Let’s call a spade a shovel; don’t set yourself up for disappointment. 

Always keep in mind that your priority for making your business grow and be successful, is not someone else’s priority.  You need to be realistic in your expectations, and then lower them.  It takes patience, faith and hard work – and perhaps a little luck.  

2. Talk is cheap; money buys the whiskey

I am sure we are all very familiar with this variation of the age-old idiom.  Believe it or not – it applies in business too.

When you pitch the idea of your own business, new project, etc. to your partner, friends and family they are very enthusiastic and verbally commit to support you “in any way they can” to help you make a success of it.  All you must do is “say the word and we are there”.  Does that sound familiar?  They seem to have 100’s of contacts who are “just waiting” for your business to launch. 

The sad fact is that people are quick to talk, but reluctant to act.  A word of advice – don’t rely on them to make your business a success; the only person you can rely on is YOU.

3. Communication, communication, communication!

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that is has taken place

Having a virtual business necessitates me to communicate predominantly with my clients via email.  A few weeks ago, a client said to me: “I receive too many emails from you; you have to cut down your email communication.”  Clients using VA’s don’t always remember that I do not see them face to face; I can’t pop our heads into their offices to ask or share something; I also do not know when they are free to take a telephone call.  This forces me to communicate in written format.  By putting matters in writing, there is no room for misunderstanding from them as the client or from me as your VA.  It takes teamwork to make a dream work.